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Bladder Leakage 101

5.1 million British men and women are affected by incontinence. The good news is that with the following information you’ll have the know-how to easily manage the…
By Depend®

Nadia Sawalha is on a mission to inspire women to jump back into an active life

For nearly 10 million British women, incontinence can feel life-limiting and something to be endured without a solution. But Depend®, is on a mission, along with Nadia Sawalha and Rebound U…
By Sara Kayat

Top tips for managing incontinence

The management of incontinence depends on both personal preference, the severity and the type of incontinence you have. Below are my tops tips for managing your incontinence: The first ste…
By Sara Kayat

Incontinence 101

What is incontinence? Urinary incontinence goes by many names, including leaking, bladder sensitivity or issues with bladder control, but essentially it is the unintentional passing of urine…
By Sara Kayat

Dispelling myths about incontinence

It can be very empowering for people to take their health into their own hands, and it is often something doctors encourage, however unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there …
By Nadia Sawalha

How to talk about incontinence

It can be extremely nerve-wracking to tell your loved ones that you are experiencing incontinence. Nadia Sawalha shares her experience on telling her husband Mark about her bladder sensitivi…
By Sara Kayat

Talking to your doctor about incontinence

It can be daunting to broach a sensitive subject like incontinence with your GP, but it is very common and they will be a font of knowledge just waiting for you to tap. Dr Sara shares her ad…
By Depend®

Can bladder training alleviate my leaks?

What is bladder training? How does it help reduce incontinence? Bladder training is a form of behavior therapy that can be a useful part of the treatment for urinary incontinence. Bladder t…
By Depend®

Can Deodorant Be Used to Reduce Groin Sweating? | Depend

Can deodorant that’s used under the arms be used in the groin area to help cut down the perspiration from wearing protection? Using an antiperspirant – rather than a deodorant – is a …
By Depend®

Managing Incontinence Emotions and Wellbeing| Depend

Managing the Emotional Aspects of Incontinence Written by Urologist and Sexual Health Expert Jennifer Berman, MD Although incontinence is often a silent ailment, it carries with it negativ…