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Larger ladies

Hi ive just seen nadia, that she promotes this product i have been leaking for a while now,i find that i can go from not wanting a wee to bursting and start to wee b4 i can get to the toilet…

Allergic reaction

I tend to get an allergic reaction ( very sore labia) if I use pantie pads for too many days in a row. Will this happen with Depend products? …
By Depend UK

How do I know I'm in the right product?

Callers often want to know: How do I know I’m in the right product and that it will cover me?…
By Depend UK

Is incontinence underwear better than pads?

Another caller asked: I don’t feel comfortable giving up my normal knickers to wear incontinence underwear. Are they really much better than pads?…
By Depend UK

Where can you get incontinence advice?

When people call the Depend hotline, we’re often the first people they’ve spoken to about their incontinence and they often ask where else can seek out advice?…
By Depend UK

Will people be able to tell I’m wearing Active-Fit underwear?

Callers often want to know: Will people be able to tell I’m wearing Active-Fit underwear?…
By Depend UK

Reducing liquid intake

We often get asked: Should I reduce the amount of liquid I’m drinking – will that help?…
By Depend UK

Worried about my friend

One caller asked: I’m starting to worry about my friend – I’ve noticed she hardly leaves the house anymore and doesn’t come to yoga classes with me anymore. She confided in me that s…
By Depend UK

Causes of incontinence

We recently received this question from a caller: My friend experienced incontinence after childbirth and was given incontinence pants, but I’m starting to experience incontinence now and …